Does Listening Count?

I am currently on chapter twelve of The Count of Monte Cristo on an audio book. This is one of the books on the NYR list, so I was happy to get a free trial and use it on such a large volume that I didn’t necessarily want to buy as an actual book. But here’s the rub: Do books on tape count as books read?
I know I’m not technically ‘reading’ the book, but un-like the movie version of a book books on tape are not adapted. Therefore they are, in their entirety, the book. Just read in a semi hot British accent. And he makes cool voices for each of the characters. And I’m still writing down my favorite sentences, instead of underlining the book like I usually do.
Well, share your thoughts, or don’t, I’m still listening. I have 40-something books to power through in less than six months! Plus I can do it at work 🙂
Blog at’cha all later!


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