Are We All Going To Die In This Van?

Check out The Superfantastics and their wicked song “Vantastic”. It makes me happy.
Well I was camping, and now I’m tired.
Here are some shots! Oh, and I saw an Owl, it was a Grey Owl; and he had obviously just pounced on something in the middle of the road when I came upon him in my van. He flew away, I tried to take a picture, he flew away farther…. jerk.
Here is a different Grey Owl, one not so camera shy.

website for image:

 So now my photos of the trip. Well we drove out around 12:40 and we knew it would take around three hours to get there. Half way there we saw a warning! The way to get to the beach we were aiming for is to take “active logging roads”. So they kindly placed this for all perspective campers.

Nice, I know.
Next we got to the beach! Beach beach beach beach, makes me happy. This beach is called Grant Bay, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island; and it’s beautiful.

isn’t it beautiful?!

TBF is a super rad human and he has done every kind of sport I have heard of, also he owns equipment for all of them too. So he took his white water kayak and went surfing with it. Apparently the waves we puny, but he had fun. Dexter ran around the beach screaming for him to come back. It was peaceful 🙂
Then we were hungry! So TBF cooked a Cornish game hen in a way I never would have thought of…. and when I told him how surprised I was that it worked he said “Really? You’re surprised meat on a stick was a good idea while camping?” He’s so funny. Really.

 Anyway! So then we camped and T-Dog came out cause N was away for the weekend, and we drank beer and told funny stories and fell asleep in the sand despite bringing a great tent. (Okay I did sleep in the tent, and TBF did for a couple hours but then he went back out to the fire. and T-Dog totally slept under the stars all night. That’s the true storey.)

Lastly on the way home something fun and unexpected happened. It was so unexpected that we didn’t know it had happened until we got home, turned off the van, and the lights stayed on. ?? you ask? Well I know! Craziness was upon us. Apparently there was a small electrical short or ‘fire’ and it melted some important wires. Now I can’t turn my lights off, and there is no turning signal. TBF’s down in the hanger fixing it as we speak. He’s awesome. Have I said that enough here? My Boyfriend is TOTALLY RAD. Like – totally. I love him 🙂 okay okay, I’m done with the mushy stuff.


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