Well Hello There Mr. Mowat

I gotta say, I’m loving the Book Blogger Hop! I used to think it was the lazy blogger’s way to gain a lot of traffic, but I’m converted. The questions make me think, the links bring me to new and exciting blogs, and damn it I don’t have to be lazy I can write as much as I want! 
This week’s question makes me happy to answer it. I know without a shaddow of a doubt who it is, and I think I already gave it away in the title. Ah who like’s a surprise anyway right!
Today’s Hop is being guest hosted by Lori’s Reading Corner and the question for the weekend is:
     Farley Mowat is the author of over 45 works, and he has sold more than 14 million books. Mention his name and people think of a couple of things: a) Canadian(!); b) Never Cry Wolf; c) That Beard; d) The film version of Lost in the Barrens; or e) Newfoundland. When people mention Farley Mowat I think of one, magical thing. The squirrel. 
It may have looked like this.
           While Farley Mowat wrote over 45 books, there is one that rises to the top as my all-time-favorite-top-5-list-of-books-ever. The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be. Actually here’s a list of the Mowat books that have invaded my brain and my life for good:
     The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be is far above any other written work in the world. I laughed so hard that I had laugh lines when I was twelve. The Squirrel is in the book, it’s a storey of a strange family pet with a strange fetish. He’s a balzy little critter, and he receives the best death scene in the world. Shakeaspere would have been jealous I’m telling you.
     My good friend “N” worked at a coffee shop in Telegraph Cove last year. Mr. Mowat was a visitor there and he stopped by for a cup of joe. N had no idea who he was, she just knew a bunch of people were saying he was Farley Mowat. She said he told her to go visit Newfoundland. She said he was lovely. SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHY HE IS FAMOUS!!!! gah! (breathing, it’s okay, I’m fine.)
   I think Farley Mowat is amazing. He’s travelled, he’s a lover and passionate advocate for our Canadian wilderness, and he is a funny, funny writer. I would love to shake his hand and say ‘thanks’ for the joy and laughter he brought to my life.
Moi xoxo


  1. Victoria

    Hopping through. I've never heard of Mr. Mowat either. However, I'm glad to hear about new authors! That's the point of my blog, actually. Reading books by authors I've never heard of before. Anyway, hope your weekend went well!

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