So in A Prayer for Owen Meany Owen writes a school paper called “The Voice”. I loved reading his articles on the issues he felt strongly about, and his totally biased and sometimes slanderous opinions. Owen was not balanced, but he called for something. He didn’t just call for it, he lived his life to achieve it. What was it? Positive change, transparent authority, living rightly.
     My town has had the same mayor for over … okay I don’t know the exact number and I don’t want to lie, but it’s something like 17 years or 10 terms or something. Almost the longest running mayor in Canada, but not quite. There’s a problem. “If it ain’t broke why fix it” seems to be the prevailing attitude. Coupled with willful blindness this leaves the town I live in with no vision, no unity, and no real future.
     For a while I wished Owen Meany lived in my little town just so he could stir up some trouble and start pointing the finger where everyone is looking anyway. Then I realised, I could be Owen. My voice isn’t going to be spelled out in ALLCAPS but it will call out. You know that tacky saying “Be the change you want to see”? Ya well, I’m thinking it’s a good idea. You can catch my political opinions here I’ll be the one saying that the emporer isn’t wearing any clothes, cause he’s not, so why don’t we start talking about it?
Moi xoxo


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