Picking Up Where We Left Off…

     I’m still in the midst of The Woman in White, and I still love Ms. Halcombe. I have gotten a bit procrastinatory though as I so want to be feeling the pages instead of staring at a tiny iPhone screen. TBF told me about this thing called VP, or Visual Progress. There’s a lot more VP when reading a physical book than reading an ebook. I ❤ VP.
     I am also still in the midst of The Inferno. That infernal… not really I just liked the alliteration. It’s a large, heavy book and I’m so tired at night. It sits beside my bed because it’s way (like WAY) to large to carry around with me. I know, excuses… I’ll read it tonight, promise.
     I am currently LOVING Moby Dick! I’ve made the ‘over half way’ mark and I can see the end in the near future. I’m sure it will involve a large white whale, just sayin.

the Good Reads website is making me angry. It keeps saying I’m 2 books behind on my goal. It doesn’t know! Well, maybe it does. It knows how many pages I have a head of me, but it’s just a robot… stupid robot. I feel judged by Good Reads. sigh.

I should go read a book now.
Moi xoxo


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