5 Days + 14 Hour Shifts = ZOMBIE

I’m so tired I’m beyond dead… I’m un-dead. This has really been a killer week. I’m not talking 14hours of slacking off either; this is intense training and scrambled paper work filled 14 hour shifts. Then  I go home and try to unwind enough to get to sleep…. You can see how I became infected with the Zombie virus thereby making me solely responsible for the Apocalypse can’t you? In case you need some good reading material to help you avoid all my zombie spawn once I start biting people – here’s a great book.

TBF bought it for me for Christmas this past year. I love it. It’s pretty funny, and there’s great artwork as well. Another lovely little novel is Zombie Haiku. TBF owns that one, if you haven’t guessed he’s totally into preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. He reads everything he can get his hands on that he thinks will help him. Poor TBF, he didn’t know it would all start with me, and my week from hell.

Here’s my absolute favorite haiku from the book, thankfully, and comfortingly, it has nothing to do with zombies.  (I’m quoting this from my slowly dissolving brain so if I’m wrong I’m sorry. All I can promise is that it will be the standard 5/7/5.)

Little Mosquito
Where is it you have flown from?
Your name sounds Spanish.
Ryan Mecum


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