Things Her Boyfriend Says

It’s hilarious.
No really, I find it quite funny.
First I start a blog and hide it from everyone like some kind of dirty secret…except of course the entire Internet!
Next my amazing mother starts a blog and tells the whole world!
And Finally my bff(!) jumps on the band wagon!!
All I can say is this, as long as TBF stays off the blogersphere the world still makes sense to me.
If he did end up on the ‘shpere, he’d sound something like this….. This really, really is hilarious. I’ve been following it for like, 5 years! TBF actually found it and sent it to me. My favorite one is a classic about Ice Dancing, see if you can find it!
Moi xoxo

Another rare pic of TBF.. His foot.

 Me: (At our only good breakfast restaurant) These are the best waffles in town!
TBF: Ya but, that’s like winning the special Olympics.


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