Sending An Eagle to Mars

     I live in the best place on earth. There are many wonderful encounters with nature and ocean and wilderness. There are also some sad ones, one’s that make your heart hurt a little too much. Like this morning, I was driving to work and I saw a dead squirrel on the road. Not a squished “eeew” kind of dead; the quite kind of dead, where it looks so soft you just want to be God so you can make it start breathing again. It made me sad. Squirrels however are far from majestic, … Well, here’s something majestic.

TBF doesn’t like eagles, he calls the shit hawks, we disagree even though we love each other.
     I love eagles, not in an obsessed or overly USA way, just in the “Wow look at that amazing wingspan” type of way. This morning while I was busy being an amazing barista one of my customers came in and said they’d found an eagle who had flown into some power lines. As a result part of the eagles wing had been partly blown off. We called various Conservation Officers and Avian Rescues, it turns out that these people are very short staffed and incredibly broke as a not for profit organisation. So at 9:30 am, two hours after finding the eagle and standing guard over him, the lovely customer, his wife, and I bundled the eagle carefully into a dog crate. I’ve arranged a ride for the poor guy to Mountain Avian Rescue Society, MARS for short, they have a website here. The lady I spoke to doesn’t hold much hope out for my unfortunate friend. He’s in shock, and badly in need of a miracle to survive.
     My heart hurts a little too much, I prayed for him. He’s just hanging out in my van, confused, blinking, and in pain. He still inspires awe. The people at my “lets go fly choppers” job all came out and quietly viewed him. One person said “Eagles don’t belong in cages, this is sad”, another said “I’d pet you on the head but I think you’d probably bite my finger off”. He probably couldn’t, but it’s the awe people. These birds are majestic, even when they are sad.
Your overly emotionally
Moi xoxo

PS!! This just in! Eagle is on his way to MARS, he looked much better and I got a pic where he actually decided to smile. He’s not out of the woods yet people. (Updated an hour after original post.)


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  1. GermanG

    I rescued an eagle once. They truly are a majestic creature. Powerful talons and beaks…..a bird to be respected that's for sure!Kudos to you for a human kindness shown to the animal kingdom!

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