It’s a Trap!

     My computer is infected, it was attacked by a trojan virus. You know the type, all of a sudden your allert windows keep popping up and telling you to download this $500.00 virus software in order to avert disaster. I hate viruses, I mean, I know no one really likes a computer virus… except maybe the pimply faced geek with no girlfriend who created it. I believe there is a special circle of hell for those that choose to F up people’s lives just so they can have a laugh. So I started reading Dante’s Inferno just to cheer me up.
     I had purchased The Divine Comedy quite a few years back and it has been sitting on my floor looking beautiful and dusty ever since. I bought it for the (divine…ha ha) artwork. Also it’s been sitting on my floor because it’s so huge it doesn’t fit in any of my book shelves.
     Back to the circles of hell, now first off…. this is a very strange ideology. If you were good but didn’t believe you are on the outskirts and not really tortured just quite sad. If you were star crossed lovers you are now stuck together in a giant hurricane. If you were a murderer centaurs get to shoot you if you try to climb out of the giant lake of blood… I like that one for the pimply virus creator. I’m only at Canto VII but it’s a gripping read, plus my version has a little synopsis at the start of each just in case you’re really daft and can’t figure it out for yourself.  
     On a totally funny and un-related note: On Friday my office got a request for a donation for a programme for blind children. It was requesting $110.00 to go towards coloring books. Today in the town news paper they have warned us that that is indeed… a scam. No kidding.
Have a great day, and don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes!!
     PS I just figured out what circle of hell to put the virus creator in! A room full of computers that are all infected with imposible to solve viruses. Windows popping up all over the place, blue screens of death, pictures of fat men saying “ah ah ah that’s not the right password!” like on Jurasic Park…. ahhhhhh I feel much better now.

Giant Hurricane of Star Crossed Lovers.


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