It Came in the Mail

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped by the local post office. I knew to be expecting my prize from Celina soon as she’d posted about it not to long ago. She’s been doing some amazing site upgrades, you should stop by and see it!
I have never seen such pretty packaging on a make up product! That could be because I buy the majority of my makeup from the drugstore… but look! It even has a little velvet slip to protect it. I opened it up at my coffee shop and my work mate and I “Oohed” and “Aah-ed” over the beautiful colors.

Aren’t they divine? Angelic even… sigh, I have absolutely no idea how to use a highlighter. Mish from work said to use it as an eyeshadow, and I admit, that’s exactly what I did this morning, just so I could say I’ve used it. {In the event of a zombie Apocalypse, or I wake up and find out t was all a dream and I don’t really own anything that says “Dior”.}

So I did some serious googling and I found Kandeejohnson. She has a great youtube channel and that link is a really cool tutorial all bout how to use a highlighter; but I don’t have any of the other stuff she’s talking about! So I did some online shopping and grabbed a MAC 187 brush, and I texted my best friend GermanG and she picked me up some MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel.  Good to go! I’m thinking maybe with all this makeup craze going on in my grey matter now would be a good time to read Vanity Fair…
Moi xoxo

Pic from
These two beauties are in the mail, on their way, for me to squeal over another day!



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