Standing Up for Myself, Against… Myself.

This is where I was

     So while I was loving life and forgetting what day it was due to time not being all that important merely two crazy days ago. Now I am home. Back to work at my two jobs. Staring my bills in the face. Watching too much T.V. and trying to figure out where I can schedule in quality time with TBF so we don’t forget what each other looks like in the coming two weeks of horror. More about those later, right now I want to close my eyes and listen to the ocean that was pounding the beach I was sitting on while I read four books. I read The Enchanted Wood, Charlotte’s Web, Watership Down, Life the Universe and Everything, and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish; okay so that’s five books.
     I have come to a moment of decision. This list of books cheats, much the same way  I did in This post by including a lot of series’ or “complete works of-“. This effectively turns the list of 100 some books into a list of around 165 not including the sonnet’s from “The Complete Works of Shakespeare”. Of those 165, (not including the sonnets), I have left to read 77 (that includes 25 of Shakespeare’s plays and 2 of his Poems). So my decision – screw Shakespeare. No really, seriously, I am not going to bash my brains out trying to choke down 25 plays (Most of which are the Histories), and miss all the exciting and fun language and innuendo’s just because I’m in some huge self-imposed race against myself.
     Along with the bold statement regarding the great bard, I started paring down the list in other ways. I only read The Enchanted Wood, I’m not reading the rest of the collection. And I have an inkling that Swallows and Amazons is also a series, not happening, I’ll read the first one. This harsh treatment of literature is not without mercy. I would not have even thought for a second of leaving off after just the first part of Hitchhiker’s Guide, as it is a Trilogy in Four Parts, and must be enjoyed as such. This freakishly long and non commital, (or too commital depending on your point of view), list will be conquored! I’ll just do it my way, and as sanely as possible.
     This brings me to the next two weeks of horror. Here is my schedule.

It’s a bit hazy, but you get the idea. I soon will also be a bit hazy. One would think I’d stand up for myself against myself in the area of work… but when $$ comes into the picture, common sense often leaves to go hide under the bed.
Hope you all have a fantastic two weeks ahead of you. I may be absent from the internet, probably not but! if I am you’ll understand.
Miss you already.
Moi xoxo

The is where I am headed.

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