Outside the Service Area

It’s been bliss. I’m quite glad to have a legitimate (“Legit” if you talk like my fantastic sis does, she spent some time in Auz as a student and is now uber cool, legit.) reason to use that word. BLISS. North Coast of Vancouver Island. Yurt. Four days of crashing surf, blazing fires, no rain, sandy beaches, and four books down. Google yurt, they’re my new favorite thing, and I will be looking into owning one in my life time. Ah happy May long! Bloffing resumes it’s full awesomeness tomorrow; I know you’ve all been lost without me!
Moi xoxo
PS tomorrow I’ll post a photo of how I combatted four days of sun, salt, and oily sunblock. Don’t be too scared. It’s the hair we should really worry about now.

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One comment

  1. jfeldt

    Good lord if I could figure out how to edit a post using iPhone I would certainly try! Take that autocorrect!! *Blogging resumes tomorrow, I'll be buggered if I knew what 'bloffing' was… eeep

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