A Rose By Any Other Name…

A rare pic of TBF. He wants his face off the Internet because, you know, Big Brother is always watching.

 TBF and I went camping last weekend. I wanted to go camping with him before I went camping with T-dog and N this May long, just to make the opening of the summer camping official and special. This was also the first official camping in the van! The van that has no name as TBF pointed out. Now I feel all anxious every time I look at her, (the van), because she needs a name! Comments and suggestions appreciated… or she could get stuck with Mits Bishi. You see, the “U” is missing from the middle, I always thought that was cute. It’s up to you guys! Speak or Bishi will be stuck with forever holding her piece(s together).
Anyway, on the way home from camping we saw a bear! Big guy too. He was eating grass by the side of the gravel road. Naturally I went straight for the iPhone and took a great pic. However he was too quick for me so I took a pic of where he ran away. Nature. It’s everywhere!

I sear, there was a bear.

Peace out peeps! Have a stupendous Wednesday eh?
Moi xoxo


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