Crab Happy

What do you do at 7am on a Tuesday morning? Go crabbing. Why? Why not!? What do you need to go crabbing? Well let me tell you. You need:
1.) A Truck, to drive down old dirt roads that lead to the beach.

2.) Friends to supply you with everything you forgot. They may also supply the truck you use. Mine are called T-dog and N, you may remember them from previous blogs.

3.) A Beach. (That’s where the crabs are.)

4.) A candid. Be sure you are actually taking a picture, and not a video by mistake… I have learned.

5.) Waders, these keep you dry. Do not take iPhone, I know it’s tempting, don’t do it.

6.) A bucket and a poking stick. The bucket is for the crabs. You find the crabs by … poking.

What do you get when you combine all these winning elements? Why crab of course!

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