Angry Beavers

     So over the weekend I went fishing! Yay let’s go spend way too much money on stupid gvmnt licencing! Ah well… So last year fishing was kind of a disaster for me. The kind of skunked every trip ’til I was sure I was cursed year. I did manage to catch one little trout, and TBF accidentally dropped it into the water again. Finally on my last fishing trip I landed a nice 18-20lb Spring, with a big ugly hump because it was the end of the season and he was old, so we smoked him. The curse was broken. This year I was hoping against hope would be much different.
     T-dog and I headed to a little stream/river on Saturday out in the back 40 somewhere with his free canoe. “Do not fear!” he told me. “It was only free because of the huge crack down the middle, but I fixed that. I’m pretty sure it won’t leak.” Having been fishing many times with T I decided the best thing to do was leave my precious iPhone in the truck. Safe. I know we have wild animals but so far they’re boycotting the whole electricity movement and are uninterested in jacking my phone from an unlocked truck. They did drink the rest of the beer though. Bears, sheesh.
     We headed out around 3 and I had gotten about three promising bites, and T had landed a nice little guy in just over an hour.This may sound like a long time to you, but believe me it is MILES different from any trip I did last year. Also we had to navigate over some pretty sketchy sunken tree, and I was afraid we were going to tip, so we had also avoided death by drowning. Around five I decided I had to pee, and unfortunately my anatomy demands a boat less tipsy than a canoe to relieve myself in, so I hopped out onto this little island that looked like it could be a beaver dam. We decided to do the rest of the fishing there that day, and I landed a beauty trout! Seriously he was like 10oz I’m sure! So we listened to The Greyhound Tragedy, and Nirvana and fished and drank beer.

No actual pics as I was saving my phone from certain death.

     We decided to head home when we realised two things. 1.) We were incredibly hungry and trail mix just wasn’t doing it. 2.) Yes indeed this WAS a beaver dam due to the very large and imposing beaver who kept swimming up and then smashing his tail into the water in a hard to miss challenge to the death type way. We left him some fish heads and some trail mix and carefully placed ourselves back into the canoe. I’m pretty sure it didn’t leak, but it had rained so much that it is hard to say weather it was rain water, or river water.
     On the way back we had to negotiate the sunken log once more, and I closed my eyes as we flew over it at mack 3. Victory! haha! We joked and laughed, and tried to remember the words to “Log” from Ren & Stimpy as we fearlessly paddled our way back to the truck. Seeing our destination so close we got rather jubilant, I will always remember the joy in which T declared “Ramming Speed!” right before the canoe bucked us out and into the water.

Still not an actual pic, but…HALLELUJAH! I had left my iPhone safely in the dry truck.

     I am so happy I made a safe and correct decision. You don’t really understand the magnitude of the fear you get when your iPhone is in jeopardy. I do, which is why I am still on speaking terms with T-dog even though he basically stepped on my head as he was rushing to get out of the water to check if his ingenious “zip-lock bag water proofing system” had indeed held up. It did, his phone is safe. I don’t think I have belly laughed like that in a long time. I was still in the water and laughing when I realized I had to pee, then I thought that was funny and laughed harder. We didn’t lose the fish, no iPhones were harmed, and all beer was retrieved. We high-fived.


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