Number 7

     So apparently I took a short leave of my senses; I joined a baseball team this year. I am not a running, catching, hitting type person, and don’t even think about asking me to throw! Last night I proved myself wrong on all counts. Also there was beer involved, it makes things better. I caught, threw, hit, and ran… today I am sore but tomorrow I’ll be sorer!
     Today I got an email from the teams organizer asking for our shirt sizes and preferred number selection. I was stumped. I must say my first inclination was 42 but I soon got over that as I felt I would be lying about how much I like that book. So I called TBF who said “666” and I said “No thank you.” I suppose it’s my fault for even asking.
     My second inclination was to search through many books to see if there was any other super cool number associated with a book I did like a whole lot. I quickly abandon that plan because, come on, I do have a life. So I did the last thin on my “Number Ideas” list. I called my grandparents.
     I have never been a baseball fan, I have always been a beer fan, but baseball… not so much. However, there is baseball in my genes. My great-grand mother on my dad’s side was in a League (of her own..haha) But really. She was a pro. When I met her she was retired. Also, my grandpa on my dad’s side is always following the Toronto Blue Jays. I have a bazillion memories of him watching the game, drinking a Kokanee, and yelling the score periodically at my grandmother who was slaving away in the kitchen over Easter dinner. Maybe that’s why she moved the T.V. downstairs.
     Today, after having to look up my own grandparents phone number up on because I’m old now and can’t remember their number I phoned them. I figured I’d wear either my great grandma’s number or grandpa would pick one for me.

*ring ring*
Grandma: Hello?
ME: Hey!
Grandma: Why hello there!
ME: I joined a baseball team.
Grandma: Really? Well that’s wonderful (laughing) [Why would she be laughing? See opening sentence.]
ME: Ya! Well I was a bit apprehensive at first but I ended up throwing and catching and hitting the ball no problem.
Grandma: (Still laughing)
ME: Hey so today I was asked to pick a jersey number, did Nanny have a jersey number or does grandpa know of any one I should have?
Grandma: (composing her laughter) well I don’t think mum did have a number, but hang on I’ll go ask your grandpa!
Grandma sets the phone down and yells downstairs to my grandfather, who’s probably watching baseball or baseball highlights.
Grandma: Bud! Jessica’s on the phone, she’s joined baseball…..Yes yes I know…. She hit the ball and caught the ball….hahahah…….She wants to know what jersey number to choose…okay I’ll tell her.
Grandma picks the phone back up.
Grandma: He says 7. Love you sweetie, bye!
ME: Love you too!
     Now I just have to figure out who in the heck number 7 was. I have googled it, but it’s a long list. It could be anyone of those guys! I like the name Mickey Mantle though, and apparently he was awesome. So I’m cool with that.
That’s all for the day people, I plan on reading till my eyelids take over tonight. Have a great weekend!!
Moi xoxo


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