My Birthday Lasts All Year

     So one of my favorite parts of my birthday, is that without fail, it lasts roughly from the beginning of April to the end of May. I’m serious. One time my mom and grandma came and visited me for a month in England. A whole month. Another time people kept throwing me parties, like a whole month worth of parties. People constantly tell me it’s my birthday from April to June. This year I keep getting presents!!
     I just got a kick ass present from my good buddy T-dog. T and I have this “Ohmygodican’tbeliveyouarealiveandhaven’tseen____movieyet!” list. Because of him I have now seen A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, The Big Lebowski, Taxi Driver, Reservoir Dogs, Deliverance,  Thrashin, all the Airplane movies, Fubar, Appocolyps Now, Goodfellas, and The Winnebago Man just to name a few. I thought our list was over, was I wrong. Today T biked over (peddal bike) and gave me my birthday present. A 4gig flash drive with a bunch of movies and a picture. The movies are Spies Like Us, The Warriors, Suck, The Big Chill, and True Romance. The picture? You want to see my awesome present? Okay.


She looks a heck of a lot cooler than my other bike picture eh? Wanna see that one again? Here ya go.

I love my friends. They know I want to be baddass even when I can’t pull it off.
Have a Verry Merry Un-Birthday! Unless it’s your actual day then Happy Birthday!
Moi xoxo

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