Being, However, Nothing but a Woman…

  Don’t get all Feminist on me; that’s a quote from The Woman In White.
TBF informed me today I have one more book to add to the millions on the list. He had to come get me at home as the bike refuses to start for me. Why oh why am I mostly fiercely independent and want to do things myself, and at other times I just wish some man would save me. Right now, sitting on this hulking smoking, stupid metal piece of crap I don’t want to hear about how to fix it, I want it fixed. FIX IT. Please.

     I like flowers. I love tulips. I love flowers. Flowers are feminine and delicate and nice….. However I will master this, I will learn how to bend that stupid iron steed to my will I WILL learn to fix it. Before The BoyFriend was TBF a funny thing happened. I encountered a slow leak in the tire of a work truck I had borrowed. I asked this super cool engineer guy for help and he said “Okay, I’ll help you this one time, but you’d better be watching because it’s only this one time. I’m not a jerk or anything but Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.” (Or in this case, a woman.) Since that day, I have changed roughly six tires on my own, and learned to put on chains for winter conditions. There is hope. 

“If only I had the privileges of a man, I would order out Sir Percival’s best horse instantly,
and tear away on a night-gallop, eastward, to meet the rising sun – a long, hard, heavy,
ceaseless gallop of hours and hours, like the famous highwayman’s ride to York.
Being, however, nothing but a woman, condemned to patience, propriety, and petticoats
for life, I must respect the house-keeper’s opinions, and try to compose myself
in some feeble and feminine way.” –Marian Halcombe.



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