Reader, I finished the book.

“One morning I fell to sketching a face…a very faithful representation of Mr. Rochester”

     I loved reading Jane Eyre. I know, I know it’s a classic everyone loves it, but no! Remember how much I couldn’t stand Tess of Dubervilles? I loved Jane Eyre. It seems all I could think of when I would hear of Jane Eyre, or see the book, was this crazy lady setting fire to things and dashing a young girls hope at marriage. It is so much more.
     As a young girl she made me jealous that I wasn’t able to articulate my passionate frustrations at the world with the same freedom and grown up language. As a young teacher then governess I was proud of her for becoming so graceful, yet not losing the edge that makes her feisty in her intelligence. As a heart broken survivor trying desperately to be independent I was amazed at the way she came full circle; for when she was a child she declared she would never want to live with poor people or be a beggar, yet when it came down to it she was able to do both and still hold her head high.
     The balance in her very being is what makes her story one of the greatest love stories ever written. She has a fiery passion mixed with a soothing grace that causes me to feel amazed. I would call her character growth monumental. Hers is the growth other novels wish to attain for their own characters. I know I said I was not looking forward to the introduciton of Mr. Rochester, as I liked Jane very much without him. While Jane’s character growth is amazing, and beautiful to watch, so is the wonder of how she keeps who she is alive and protected throughout the entire novel. She never wavers, never changes for anyone, and does not sacrifice who she is for whomever is around her. A strong woman.
   Oooo and what about that creeper St. John? Didn’t you just want to smack him?
Over and out for today people, take good care.
Moi xoxo


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