I ♥ Lists

So my life is facing a possible change. Not a large or incredibly significant change, simply one that would re-arrange my time. Also I am attempting to start a budget for the very first time, which is going to re-arrange my money. When I am thinking through something and trying very hard to make the right decision, I list. I list crazy unimportant things as well. I just love lists, lists are everywhere in my office, at home, journal… and now I have a list of pictures of my various lists! Enjoy.

In which I am budgeting both time and $$



Moves to practice for MST

A list of groceries for B-Day Sushi

Pigs that I want to buy, grow, and eat.

Various M.A.C. eyeshadow and their Dupes

Things to do, have done.

Episodes of my t.v. shows to watch

List of a certain Helicopter Companies exchange rates.

Movies to watch; please add “Sunset Boulevard”.

Random work stuff.

And now, I want you all to know I snapped all these poorly laid out pics while sitting in a revolving chair at work. I never got up once, or reached beyond what I could reach while remaining seated. This is to say, just a sampling of the lists in my life.
Moi xoxo

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