What We Did

     Okay so I may have ranted a bit before, regarding my lack of planning for ‘The Birthday’; but it was unfounded. The True Love that he is threw a superb weekend for me, and we had a blast. [Side note here, I share my birthday with Queen Elizabeth the 1st, of which I am extremely proud, and Earth Day, of which I am exceedingly jealous… So I litter in April.] {Please don’t send hate mail, really all I do is throw my beer bottles in the garbage instead of recycling.}

     I say the weekend starts on Thursday, due to it being a long weekend, and usually I say weekends start on Friday. So to start off the weekend I ate breakfast with a awesome friend, while TBF helped me start my bike so I could drive it to work, and feel cool. I then managed to park the bike back in my back yard, through the horrendous trials of gravel all by myself, and I felt cool. I ate cupcakes that I made, one day I will take a picture of them as they are amazing; then we went to my parents house and had a super meal and presents; one was a cupcake display… awesome.

     I know I’ve showed you a pic of these daffodils already, but here they are freshly picked by my sweet friend N. TBF and I and two of our closest friends went away to his little cabin for the Friday. While waiting for our friends to arrive I used real tools to remove seats and runners from my super new van while TBF rode his Harley for the first time this season. (I believe the tools used were: a) A wrench, number 14; and b) A ratchet, I don’t know the number, size, whatever. I also used ‘Mouse Milk” which still gives me the giggles.) Our friends arrived and we went to the lake in the glorious sunshine and drank beer. Next we frequented the local pub, which is finally under new management and actually open. To cap the actuall birthday off we ate sushi, that we made, it was heaven.

      TBF had scoured the good old internet the same day ME was; he found a fun band playing at The Waverly and arranged some accomadations for the Saturday night. He also found an amazing BBQ joint right here on the island, and we pigged out… hehe. Wandering around Courtenay is a luxury. There is now a new store that sells only Hot Wheeles, we checked it out. I bought a book off the NYR list, A Prayer for Owen Meany. I just read the back and saw it was under $10 so “score”. TBF decided to read it and discovered that “Gasp!” it’s about Simon Birch. WHAT? Really? I had no idea, now all I can see is Ashley Judd getting smoked by a fly ball, and I don’t really want to read it. Ah well.

I find this amusing. Muse/Amus-ing…Hm


The end of the Night

     All in all it was a superb Birthday/Easter Long weekend. I stopped by a chocolate shop on Sunday morning and bought us bunnies. Mine was the standard looking one named “Hare Sitting Up” and his was “Motorcycle Rabbit”. We toodled home, and I spent Monday in hiding, you will recall. Now I’m 27, and will never change. But I’m pretty cool, so I’m okay with that.

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