Hiding Out

Happy Easter Monday. Have you done something amazing today? I made breakfast and have watched too much Home and Garden Network. Currently many people are saying “no” to the dress.
I fell asleep last night reading Jane Eyre. I love Jane! She speaks her mind all the time, she knows herself, and she’s feisty.
I’m dreading the intro Rochester due to the fact that I think Jane is amazing by herself. How strange I think, to like someone more when they are single. Almost like Jane’s friend/teacher Miss Temple; when she gets married Jane is all adrift and needs to move on. It’s like that friend who disappears when they start dating that guy/girl. It doesn’t matter if you like their other half, but if you never see either of them you start to get a bit angry.
I am at TBF’s house today, he’s working and all my friends and family live about 40 min away, but today I wanted to just stay. I want to be a hermit. I want to be alone. I am a hypocrite, and I’m okay with that.
Next I am going to have a bath, read more Jane, and maybe sweep the floor. As I live in The Great White North, I will make a fire. Happy end of April eh? I’m ready for the sun, I’m ready for riding my bike everywhere and getting ready for my road test. I’m ready for the year to start! And it’s only half over.
Moi xoxo

Where I Ate My Solitary Breakfast…ahhhhhh

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