Testing testing –

Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt
Okay so I know it’s over-used, and I’ve even sort of paraphrased it in other posts, but that quote by ER is excessively inspirational. We’re talking stop-me-in-my-tracks “ah ha” moment inspirational. You must get it. First time I saw it was in a second hand book shop in Oxford, England; It was on a post card and it reached out from the stack and punched me in the brain. That day we climbed up a really old church and I leaned over the railing at the top, I was terrified.
Today I am taking a test. I hate informing people that I am having a test on a certain day at a specific time… because what if I fail? Everyone will ask me how the test went and I’ll be all “Oh, it was a real learning experience” while silently cringing. But – here’s the funny part – I love telling people of exciting/scary things that are coming up because they get excited, and it helps me stay excited… all until the day of and then I’m just petrified. That day is today!
What test am I taking you ask? Why a Motorcycle Skills Assessment test. Today at 2pm I will be attempting to ride around in tiny figure eights while the rain pours down. Yes, rain. In the words of a stupid cat “happy happy joy joy”. Ha ha, actually, that helped. Go watch Ren and Stimpy, it makes everything better. Okay, so Evelyn is inspiring yes, but Stimpy? Stimpy is simply the bees knees. Go on, get scared.
Moi xoxo

When I eat too much, I regurgitate / Some hits the table, but most hits the plate / I like to eat, then re-eat what I ate / That’s why my stomach -That’s why my stomach, Jack! – that’s why my stomach gets a cramp. – Stimpy, singing like Sinatra


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