Other People’s Procrastination (Or: The Sounds of my Hypocrisy)

Some time last month:

TBF what would you like to do for your birthday?
ME oh, I don’t know, I haven’t planned anything. (Read: Surprise me with a fun and exciting time!)
TBF mmmm (Read: Completely oblivious.)
A week later:
TBF so what are we doing for your birthday?
ME (in a disheartened tone as just now realising he isn’t psychic) Oh I don’t know, I’d like to eat a nice meal. (Read: Take me somewhere where the population is greater than 3000 and as a consequence restaurants have to adhere to a health standard and a competitive market.)
TBF hey let’s go to Memphis Blues in Vancouver!
{ A Choir of Angels fills the sky singing Hallelujah}
Two days later:
ME our accommodations fell through in Van
TBF and we’re broke
ME lets’ not strain our banks (in head – Please please say strain our banks!)
TBF mmmm
Two weeks ago:
ME so, what are we doing for my birthday (Read: Are you really letting me plan my own birthday!?)
TBF wanna go camping in Tofino and grab a nice meal?
{ A comparatively smaller, but still grand Choir of Angels fill the sky singing Oh Happy Day}
TBF So…. Tofino’s really expensive
ME mmmmm (Read: &*%#@)
As ME searches online for relatively cheap yet most likely non-existent lovely places to eat on the Island Rage Against the Machine enter stage left and preform “How I Could Just Kill A Man”.
This never would have happened to Marian Halcome but then, she would have planned her own damn birthday from the start.

I can’t imagine this would be that enjoyable.


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