Retail Therapy when you’re broke

So, I’m pretty broke. What cheers me up when I have a small financial crisis? Shopping. Have you read Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic ? I read it out loud to a friend of mine in England who was driving to Oxford and we laughed till the tears streamed down our faces. It is a hilarious book, but it scared me too! The main character was speaking my mind! Not simply reading it, printing it in a public forum so the world would know! I throw out VISA bills un-opened when I know I don’t want to see inside it. (Even though I can’t escape on-line banking.) I go out and spend money with no money to make myself feel better about having no money! I tell myself it’s all going to be okay and ignore the financial doom that is catapulting out of the sky and heading straight for the top of my head…. She was me. It was scary.
Sophie Kinsella is actually one of my favorite authors. Okay don’t give me that smug bull shit about trashy chick lit cause baby, I’ve heard it; heck I’ve said it! But if all you ate was filet mignon wouldn’t you find youreslf craving a hot dog? You know? Her books are funny, true to life, (hello!) and easy to read. Is that a crime?! Okay, so maybe I’m in need of a financial intervention, or maybe I just need to read a lighter book.
Back to the point, how to preform the opperation of Retail Therapy whilst cold, stone broke. Window shopping; and with the internet…so much easier. In my cart right now for instance are a pair of new converse all stars, in Teal, a couple outfits from pinupgirlclothing, and about $200 worth of MAC cosmetics. The only catch is, I never press checkout; I don’t empty my cart either I just don’t check out. If you happen to be fortunate to live withing driving distance to a mall, (I am not), I also recomend walking around one of your favorite shops and grabbing things, just to hold until you have to go. It’s a bit sad, a bit lost puppy-ish, but it also helps just a little and it’s much easier on the hips then downing that tub of Ben&Jerry’s in your freezer while drinking a bottle of wine. (Which I too have done.)
Did I mention, today was a break-through for me? It was. I saw the impending crisis, and called my bank and the insurrance office to talk to them about it. This is a first, usually I just close my eyes and run away.
Have a fantastic day, face things head on, do something that scares the shit out of yourself. I have a little faith in you.
xoxo Moi

The current state of affairs.


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