Beavers or Ducks?

I finished The Great Gatsby. I decided to underline it due to latent English lessons always haunting me when I write a book title and make no indication it is a book. Mrs. Mac would’ve killed me if I handed in a report without the proper punctuation. So upon finishing the book I was once again at a loss as to which book to read next. (Yes I am still avoiding Tess, although I am plunking away at it slowly. She’s finally agreed to marry Angel, but we know it’s just not meant to be, poor girl.) I asked the boyfriend if he could pick a book off the list for me to read and he so helpfully said- “The first one”. “I’ve already read that one” I said so he countered with “the first one from the top you haven’t read yet, I wouldn’t make you re-read a book!” “oh”.
I was looking for a fun way to pick a new book, or a unusual way. One of my most cherished ways to pick something when I can’t make a decision is to assign a code word, or letter, or number to each and ask people to pick one. Here’s an example. I was trying unsuccessfully to decide between Maple Glazed Salmon, and Curry Rice Pot from a restaurant so I ask TBF “Beavers or Ducks?” He is quite aware of my strange system so he picked Beavers, which were assigned to the Curry, so I ate Curry. (It was great.) My brother DogTango knows about this too and hates it. He gets all freaked out and says “I need to know what it is I’m deciding for you! This is crazy!” He’s the type of guy who likes all the information… I find it amusing. I have asked waitresses, friends, relatives, and innocent bystanders in a mall to make my decisions for me. It’s fun, and liberating. But I have a problem; how to do this when no one is around?
Mr. Jones! I am going to buy myself this, one day when I have money. This watch has been on my wish list for a year now. I think it’s one of the coolest ideas out there! Of course if you browse the watches on his page you’ll see he’s a genius. I love the “remember you will die” watch as well. However, I am left with using people until then. TBF is getting annoyed with my deciding methods now, so he’s picked the boring approach, but I will listen. Jane Eyre! She was third from the top, and easily located on my bookshelf as Gatsby was sitting beside her a week ago. I’ve watched the movie a hundred times, so there will be limited surprises on a certain closeted crazy. Until the next fun time… and should I have tea or coffee now… ?

I never toss a coin for one simple reason. I can never catch it again.

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