This Guy

So I have two jobs, one of them is at a Helicopter Company, which can be quite exciting, but I work behind a computer all day. The other job is at a coffee shop where I get to see people! I love people, I love talking to people and meeting new and wonderful people. I even love meeting new terrible people, just for something to talk about later! I often think in the accent of King Julian from Madagascar, “I LOVE the people!”
I lived in England for two years, one of those years I worked as a resource worker on the streets helping adults with substance abuse and housing issues. Those were some of the most entertaining, sincere, and passionate people. I saw one man in particular most often. He was a 60 something Scotsman named, unsurprisingly, Jock. Jock had a piece of wisdom he would say time and time again; “Music is the soul of life”. I would nod and say I liked music too, but I didn’t get it and I knew it. I still turning it over in my head, almost daily, and it’s been almost 7 years since I’ve seen Jock.
At my job being a super awesome barista one of my regulars that comes into the coffee shop is a young guy who’s absolutely passionate about music. I have never heard such a beautiful description of Megadeath in my life. Matt’s a guitar player. I’ve only been working at the shop since last September, but I had heard this guy for about two years without even knowing it. Matt plays his guitar down at the beach, right in front of my house. I remember a hundred times having a smoke on my porch and watching my cat run across the road to go visit the faceless guitar guy who provided the soundtrack for my life.

An actual and beautiful sunset; when the sun does come out here, it makes a grand appearance.

Matt has a youtube channel here If I had a CD of his I’d do a giveaway, he’s amazing. I talk to this guy about once a week and I had never really paid attention to his music. Then one night after a bottle of wine, by myself at home, I was surfing facebook. I stumbled onto some of Matt’s video’s and I’ve been hooked ever since. I couldn’t really put my finger on why I dream about it, because I do, it haunts me; and I came to a realization yesterday. His music makes me be still. I have to take a moment when I listen to it, and not just because I have to wait for the video to load 🙂 it makes me pay attention. Take five and check out this song.
Matt won’t be coming to see me and get a large medium anymore as he’s moving to the mainland to break into the current new wave of Canadian artists. I say ‘break into’ when it’s pretty obvious he’s already riding high on top of that new wave. He’s good, he’s really good, and for the first time I understand what Jock was saying. This music is alive, it is the soul of life. Check this guy out.


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