Ah yes. Burlesque. I’m going to preface this post with two points:
a) I have never seen Burlesque
b) I have never been to a Burlesque show

Now then tonight I am going to a burlesque show! I asked the boyfriend to come but he said –
“It’s like porn for chicks, by chicks; it’s chick porn, I’m not interested.”
So I’m going with my girlfriend instead.
Now what to wear? As I am a huge fan, (please note how difficult it was to not type the word ‘huge’ in all caps. I’m trying to stay away from that as I think it’s slightly tacky), of a website called www.pinupgirlclothing.com Check them out. I love the pin up style and the modern/retro vibe that their clothes have; and I’ve spent way too much money on them. I have a couple outfits from there that I feel will do the trick nicely. The Doris top in black and a red pencil skirt that looks almost exactly like this one; or the Gia top in teal and some black capris that are almost exactly like this pair. Either outfit I’m going to be sporting these amazing shoes in black, that I got from the pinup girl website. They have quite literally changed my life over there, and I am incredibly grateful. So is the boyfriend 😉 Of course the outfit wouldn’t be complete without makeup and I’m going to be trying the Mila look Celina does over on her amazing blog. Have a great weekend everyone!!


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