Some days are worth waking up for.

So this morning started out like most mornings in my life, bad. I can’t explain why I hate waking up, but I do. Usually it’s because I fall asleep counting all the things I forgot to do, all the people I owe money to, and all the things I’m worried about (read: weight). In the morning it’s all still there! It hasn’t magically disappeared in the sweet dream world and it’s all too realistic and unsolved. I’m sure I could try “counting my blessings” a la Bing Crosby circa Holiday Inn, but really… OK maybe I should start trying that.
I’m struggling to get through Tess of D’Uberfields by Tom Hardy right now. I feel a bit frustrated due to the fact that it is boring me to tears, and it is apparently such a great book. I mean, it’s hard not to feel like your the dumb kid in class when you just hate what everyone else is saying is so fantastic. I’m also reading The Woman in White by Wilikie Collins on my iPhone right now, it’s fabulous. Very funny and so far quite a light and easy read. If you haven’t already, check out the iBook app on itunes. I haven’t paid a single penny for a book yet and I have classics on there! I have War and Peace, A Tale of Two Cities, The Odyssey, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Bleak House, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, The Woman in White, and Winnie the Pooh.
Free is always fantastic, so fantastic in fact that I don’t mind using the word fantastic just a couple more times than absolutely necessary! And while on the subject of fanstaticle-ness, let me explain the blog title today. So back to the beginning, this morning I felt tragic. I combated that with a super fun bright pink lipstick by Rimmel. 010 Dizzy, it’s a super fuchsia fun time. I used techniques by my favorite blog out there over at and thus put my best face forward to the day. In my rush around the block today I forgot about a meeting I had at the bank. So I was motoring out there and boom, I get pulled up by the RCMP for speeding. I can not stress enough about how much I hate money, simply due to the fact that I don’t have any. For some reason, my prayers get answered, and I only get a warning, no $196.00 ticket, which the female officer stresses I could have gotten but she was feeling kind. THANK HEAVEN.
On my way back to work after shuffling funds back and forth from different accounts with the bank people. (I keep thinking if I keep moving stuff around some how I’ll find some money hiding under other money.) I remembered today was April 1st! Celina’s blog contest winners would be announced today. Guess what? I won! I won an amazing product which I never would have been able to afford, (or find for that matter), in normal life. Christmas in April! Oh for the love of kittens today has turned out all right after all. Now – all I have to do is finish that damn book…

Moi xoxo


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