What’s a meme?!

I am back! You didn’t know I was gone did you? That’s ok, it was only the weekend, and I went to the wedding of a kid brother type friend of mine. It was lovely, they got married, the end.
My absolute favorite thing to do on a road trip is to read. No surprise there I suppose. I was able to cross the whole of His Dark Materials off the list and also The Adventure’s of Sherlock Holmes. That one took a while as it’s on my iPhone and I rarely use my phone as a book. I was so proud of myself in fact that I decided to read Jack London’s Call of the Wild. I was feeling quite smug as I burned through half of it last night; and I was feeling rather big for my britches about crossing three whole novels off this list. Call of the Wild isn’t on the list.
I was stunned. Call of the Wild is an epic page turner; a beautiful illustration of Darwin’s very theory “survival of the fittest”, it’s a book that is on countless other ‘must read’ lists, so why not this list? Why not my list? It just isn’t; that is the conclusion, ground-breaking as it sounds, that I came to. I was wrong. I started a little investigation into my list and uncovered, a meme.
Why oh why did I not vet this stupid list before being dragged in? It’s a meme! (Here are some links that will describe what a meme is and how this list is one: un, deux.) I was sad, angry, sheepish… then I started to think about where I would find a legitimate list of 100 or so books to be well read. (There are a ton out there, seriously I’m not even going to link to any. Just Google ‘100 books you must read’ and start browsing.) I thought maybe go to the CBC radio website and look up the Canada Reads section to see what I could find, then I went poking around the BBC’s “The Big Read” and I stumbled upon a great little header. It wasn’t even a whole article, it was just a header in a Google list; it said: “Make a list of 100 books and read them”.
I have come full circle. So some person (FFM) made up a meme and I got sucked in like countless other Facebook sheep out there, so what. I am plowing through a legit list of 100 books. Some classics and some contemporary; some I had heard of and meant to read, others I still haven’t the first clue about. I am becoming more and more well read with the fall of each and every back cover of each book I finish. And that was the goal in the first place. Oh, and I’m going to finish Call of the Wild. Not only is it a great read, it’s only 63 pages so come on!! And I have decided to make another list, (yes besides the list of books that have changed my life etc etc), I am going to make a new list of books that I always meant to read but weren’t on this little meme. Lastly, you know my favorite part of article un? Meme rhymes with dream, and I’m going to make this a good one.
Moi xoxo

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