How to apply mascara while reading Shakespeare

Today I got to work and have discovered I am unable to use my computer or the work printer. Being rendered useless at work I decided to write a different kind of entry than usual.
I have a HUGE guilty pleasure lately and that is reading the blog
I found it while trolling the internet for a good eye shadow tutorial and I have been reading her faithfully ever since. She is funny and sweet and her reviews on cosmetics and tutorials on different looks are second to none. I have even got my mother hooked on to her as we both are quite sad in the make up area of life. (I grew up on a farm, riding horses, and looking like a boy. My mum isn’t really the make up diva of the century so we both had to wait for my baby sister to train us up. She is quite fashionable and bossy so needless to say we look presentable now.)
Celina makes being a girl fun. Her blog is the type of thing dreams are made of in the sense that she gets to live a life of luxury and beauty; yet she is so adorable it’s impossible to be jealous or catty while reading about her brand new Channel bag. It also helps that she holds contests! Her featured giveaway at the moment is a pallet by Christian Dior you can find it here.
I can’t highlight the importance of blogs like Celina’s enough, and not just because of a giveaway; (Although come on! Free stuff is always like Christmas in July.), but because of my mum. My mum is amazing, talented, beautiful, and not quite confident. She has the most amazing figure, lovely skin, looks about 40 when she’s actually just turned 50, and absolutely no confidence in her ability to pull off a Smokey eye look for my brother’s wedding. She was showing me the outfit she’s just snagged off eBay and all of a sudden she just got a bit sad and said she hadn’t the first clue on how to do her make up. I asked her what she was thinking and I immediately pulled up Celina’s entry from Thursday.Look how easy! Mum’s now a convert, and happy, and willing to practice until September 17th when the big day is.
For those of us women feel a bit out of sorts when it comes to freshening up the face, check out Celina. Between learning a few things and seeing amazing product reviews its pure escapism! I love pretending I’m living in a ‘temporary’ apartment that is actually a 12star hotel until my luxury flat is ready. And if none of that convinced you, just remember I’m reading this blog faithfully every day between my huge list of books. It’s that good.
Moi xoxo

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