Meanwhile Reading 100 Novels….

So since the start of my “Ah ha” moment some time in December when I realized I was finally going to make and stick to a real New Year’s Resolution, I have read twelve books. I did start with Mm Bovary and A Christmas Carol in December, but I still think it’s impressive.
The books I have read so far are:
-Madame Bovary
-A Christmas Carol
-Sense and Sensibility
-The Wind in the Willows
-Alice in Wonderland
-Winnie the Pooh
-Brideshead Revisited
-Pt. 1 the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe
-Anna Karenina
-Pt 1 His Dark Materials “The Golden Compass”
-The Time Traveler’s Wife
-The Little Prince
I would have to say that in this varied and eclectic list the one that shines through is Anna Karenina; mostly because it was a similar experience to reading Wuthering Heights when I was 19. It was so hard fought to get to the end, such a journey to battle through the pages, and yet, so worth it. Even in the slogging through some of the minute descriptions of scenery, or how one feels working out in the field, I knew I was reading greatness. It was entertaining even in its most tedious of passages. I cannot say the same of Madame Bovary. That book, while causing quite a scandal in its day, is simply too dated to be enjoyed.
Of the children’s selection I was blown away by The Wind in the Willows. I know I had read it as a child but I couldn’t quite remember all of it so I read it again. What a happy choice. I will be reading this book again and again. The stories within the story keep it fresh, and my favorite chapter was when Mole goes home with Ratty and they meet all Moles friends that he hadn’t seen in quite a while. Again, on the other end of the spectrum for me is Alice and Wonderland. While I believe Disney did a great job of bringing the story to life, the book itself makes me feel like I am in the middle of a group of posh, cliquey people all sharing a great inside joke and not explaining it to me.
It’s hard not to write a paragraph on each and every one of these books, but of course they’re great, or they would not have made BBC’s list in the first place. I do find it hard to only do one thing at a time; I am already forming in my head a list of books that have changed my life from childhood onward. I am attempting to not actually put pen to paper on this until I have finished this most exciting project. (Of course I couldn’t go away until I mentioned at least ONE could I?) One of my all time favorite books that carried me away and transported me back safely into my room time and time again was Both Sides of Time, by Caroline B Cooney. I read it so often that I once lost the library copy of it for years until my parents sold their vehicle and it was discovered under the spare tire. It now sits safely, and expensively, on my bookshelf at home.
If you could choose only one book to rave about, not a series, not a omnibus, ONE book, what would it be? And I realize how painful it is to some to pick just one, as I have about four more I need to talk about right now! Yet I refrain…
Onward goes this list! The books I am in the midst of reading now:
-The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
-Pt. 2 His Dark Materials “The Subtle Knife”
-Heart of Darkness

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