Why Art?

Michael Sowa – Kholer’s Pig

What do you call a man with no arms, and no legs, hanging on your wall? – Art!

So I was sitting here and thinking, why in the world is being an artist even a possible profession?! I mean, it’s not like art puts food in our bellies, oil or gas in our cars, or brings peace to a war ravaged country. Also, artists are only painting/creating things that we will buy; or not buy but pay to go see in a museum. Art it doesn’t actually contribute to our life. Or does it?

Stubbs – Hambletonia

Recently my family and I went to a lodge in Fernie BC and spent about a week surrounded by beautiful scenery. Mountains covered in snow, a barn with draft horses to pull a sleigh, and a lovely yellow lab all provided moments of beauty. While not denying how lovely it was there, there was no getting around it, it felt off. Something in the atmosphere of the house was just not right. It took one of the smarter ones in the group to finally put voice to what I had been feeling when they exclaimed “There’s no art in this house! Isn’t that strange.”

Jackson Pollock
Emily Carr – Tree Trunk

So sitting here, contemplating the whole thing, for no particular reason, I finally nailed something down. We like how it makes us feel. Weather a piece ‘speaks’ to you in a kind or harsh voice, we like to feel anything. Think about it, I did, I realized that even the paintings I don’t like, for instance Van Gogh’s self portrait, I keep going back to it because it makes me feel. Call it the old-century Emo but good or bad, feelings let me know I’m alive. So here are some pieces that make me feel. I’d love to know if you have any to share with me
Moi xoxo

Van Gogh – Self Portrait

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